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Saturday, March 29, 2008

What a lovely day

Cat and I met at Stir Crazy....and yes... I was a bit late... but there was some kind of accident on I-95 that slowed me down considerably. I was nice and called to say I was running late, but Cat didn't have her cellphone. It'll be a great place for future meetups as they have a nice private room with a good sized table we could sit at. Cat showed me around the site a little more and tried to teach me how to "do stuff" and I pretended to understand. We discussed several possibilities for additions to the site and corrected a few fauxpas. One thing we'd both like is for you all to participate more. Please! We want you all to feel like this is your blog also. I'll be sending out a questionnaire for you all soon...answer only what you want too and send it back to me. I'll keep this information private. None of it will be posted on the site except for your general location. I may use it though to make private introductions to others close to you or that have the mutual interests.

Margaret couldn't make it as she had her hubby finishing the deck. Beth had a minor fender bender on her way home from her third Drs. appointment of the week (I think she she was looking for an excuse to bow out on her hunky out of state blind date... but he showed up anyway)...so Cat and I went over and crashed the party (had to make sure he wasn't an axe murder now didn't we....What are friends for???) I personally checked her glass of blackberry wine for drugs and poison and there were no weapons in site. When we left they were going for a drive in her car and then to meet her family for dinner, so I am guessing she was safe enough.

Cat and I decided we make a good couple. We rummaged through several consignment shops on Lakeside and I came home with more treasures I thought I needed at the time....She showed me the house she may buy. It'd be nice to have her on this side of The River.


Mary in VA said...

I wish I could have met up with you guys. When the email came I thought, "dang, I'm going to be at a friend's in Richmond later that day, but there's just no way I can get other stuff done in time to go to Stir Crazy before." Then of course my Saturday totally fell apart and I didn't even get to my friend's!

Cat =^,^= said...

We would have loved to see you, Mary. Sorry your day did not work out!