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Thursday, March 6, 2008

A newbie to this site

hi all,
I am Robin and live in Richmond. Been knitting for about 4 years after learning when I was a little girl. Wish I'd kept at it because I'd be good at it by now if I had. Knitting is a very relaxing hobby for me and I think I must have some kind of bug because I can't go in a yarn shop without buying yarn. I have more than I need and still think about the latest shop sale and ponder if I should go. Call me possessed!
Other hobbies I like are quilting, any kind of needlework and reading. Gardening is also a love but when the weeds come out and it gets hot I wimp out. Bad me!

Hope this really takes off because it will be a good way to connect with other people and learn about areas in Virginia to go shopping. There's that shopping word again...

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Cat =^,^= said...

Glad you've joined us Robin!