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Monday, March 3, 2008

Furry Fiber Factories

I took a lovely ( well most of it was lovely) trip to Point of Rocks MD (11 miles past Leesburg) yesterday to pick up my new Angora Rabbit. This one is a German Satin Cross. The one I already have, Hazel, is a French Angora that I adopted at the Montpelier Fiber Festival last fall. (I am still trying to find the sweet lady I got her from because I owe her a water bottle and feed dish I borrowed to get her home and promptly lost her contact information).

Who would have known it would have taken 6 hours to get there from Beaverdam. Long story, but even longer drive. Given some kind of accident, a detour and bad directions I ended up in DC (the very pace I was trying to avoid by taking a western route/15) before buying a map and heading back west. I had a wonderfrul companion on my trip one of my former Sunday school girls. When my other "navigators" bailed on me one after the other, I snatched Kendall for the ride much to FC's delight. He really didn't want me to drive alone, but I could tell he didn't want to make the trip either for another "stupid rabbit". (Like his cows are particularily bright?) It gave us a nice long time to talk. I haven't had that opportunity in a while, so perhaps it was divine providence.

I got to add Daniela another spinner/bunny breeder to my growing list of fiber acquaintances. She had ferried "Ruth/Maple" south from her previous home at the Storybook Dreams Angora Rabbitry owned by Susan Withnell. Daniela is also a dog groomer and has a wonderful set up for grooming both dogs and bunnies. She lovingly fed us and gave me a demonstration on grooming and clipping and feeding and housing. Unfortunately there was no time for a spinning lesson, but maybe I will get back up there one day.

The good news is she had company there from Manassas who very generously led us almost all the way back to I-95 the back way and we were home with a gas stop and a potty break in 2 1/2 hours.

When my daughter gets home this afternoon we will introduce the two bunnies and get some pictures. I don't know why I don't get custody of my (third) own digital, but what can I say she is 16 and she NEEDS it. Cathy is working on setting up the site. Like all "daddies" so far I have left all the housekeeping to her...

I will be working on getting our mailing lists edited and compiled and sending invitations out. Let us know if you have suggestions and send me an e-mail directly if you know someone who would like to join us.



CraftyGryphon said...

Hey, Olivia! How do I join on here? I can't find the blog's info...


Olivia-Lee said...

If you are posting you must be on. It isn't the same as Yahoo groups.

Here you can only post by invitation. Cat will correct us if I am wrong.

Cat =^,^= said...

Olivia is right - please send me your email address, full name, etc., and I can add you! The only requirements are that you live in Virginia, you knit and you keep it clean!! Nice to see you here, CJ. Cathy