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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

New to Group

My name is Carlissa. I live in Hanover County also. I am actually in a little place called Studley, about 15 minutes from Mechanicsville and 20 from Ashland.

I am a homeschooling mom of 7 (ok one is in a private school) ages 17 down to 7. I also work 3 part time jobs to help provide for the little ones.

I have crocheted since I was 7 or 8 and tried knitting in the early 80's. Swore I would never do it again. Well, as luck would have it all my kids starting going to a free knitting class at the local library and since they only met every 2 weeks, I had to learn enough to help them out in between classes, or I knew they would lose interest. Now I am hooked.

I am on the EZ as Pi list (and several others but since time doesn't permit, mostly only reading the above list). I am working on my first Pi shawl. I love EZ's attitude about knitting, but need a little hand holding to tackle some of her patterns. I have wanted to do a Pi shawl since the first time I saw one. I am currently trying to do the knit along for the Orkney Pi.

For those of you in my area. It is a bit of a hike (and not the best selection) but the Unraveled is currently having a 39% off sale. I believe the shop may be closing or transferring ownership. I was there last week and got my 2nd son (age 11) some beautiful Angora/Cotton yarn so he can start a hat. I love this boy, he asked for some plain cotton to do a dishcloth first, as he has not knitted in about a year and wanted to practice before he opened up his new yarn.

Ok, rambled enough. It is nice to meet you all and perhaps someday will get to put faces to some of these names.



Olivia-Lee said...

Welcome Clarissa. You are fairly close to me. I love it when that happens!!!...I don't know how much help I can be to you. I am by no means an expert knitter, but I would love to hold your hand and encourage you all I can.

Olivia-Lee said...

BTW Carlissa Beth and I are both mothers of 8 each...You will survive....