Where are we?

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hi ya'll!

I'm Cate hailing from the Northern Neck of Virginia (Heathsville, specifically). I've been knitting for about two years, spinning for a year longer and just got a floor loom two weeks ago.

I am busy knitting a green pull over sweater for myself in the round from the top down, a pair of grey socks for the son of a friend of mine, a pair of purple socks for me (I'm on the second one and have managed to misplace the first one somewhere in this messy house). I'm planning to weave a wedding shawl for a dear friend (the big event takes place in August). I have yarn on hand for two more sweaters for me but I'm in the process of losing weight and hope to make a smaller size -- but have to finish the green one first.

I hope eventually to spin enough yarn to keep myself knitting and weaving. I'm having fun processing three fleeces just now.

I also have a full time job outside the home, two sons in college and one who just took the GED test and hopes to start college in the fall. No, I did not plan to have all three in college at one time but the oldest will graduate this Spring so I might catch a break.


Olivia-Lee said...

Hey Cate! Really great to see you. Hope you are feeling much better these days.

Cat =^,^= said...

Good to see you here, Cate -