Where are we?

Thursday, March 6, 2008

I am Judy, a compulsive spinner and knitter from the Northern Neck.  It will be fun to share information and achievements with those who might be within driving distance.  I am currently trying to finish a bunch of projects that have been nearly done for too long.   As soon as my finish work is done, I will cast on some handspun merino/silk laceweight yarn for a Lily of the Valley shawl.  I also have a bag of yarns in burgundy, teal, navy, and rust that need to be combined into a cardigan--still working on the design for that one.
Judy in the Northern Neck


Olivia-Lee said...

Thank you for introducing yourself Judy. We are so glad to have you here. I'm looking forward to meeting you sometime in the future.
I'd love a spinning lesson.

Cat =^,^= said...

Hi, Judy - looking forward to getting to know you - I too am interested in the 'spinning thing' - several of my good knitting pals are also spinners and it is fascinating to me...