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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Newbie, to Blogs but not to Knitting

I am Eugenia and live in Manassas, about a mile (as the crow flies) from the Battlefield. I love to knit and sometimes it seems to take over my life. I have taught knitting and crocheting classes at Michael's, AC Moore, all local libraries, and at a new yarn shop, Needles in the Haymarket.
I am about to finish level II of the Masters program. The written work slows me down. I have so many notes about the history of knitting that it has become a major task, for me.

In my other life before retirement, I was a Reading Specialist. I owned and operated a tutoring center in Manassas for several years. I met my husband at UVA where we were fellow graduate students getting our doctorates in education. After graduation we spent 4 years at Stanford on a research grant. We have two adult children(?), a son in Cincinnati, and a daughter in San Francisco.

Currently on the needles, a gansey which I designed for my husband. It has a nautical theme with 5 charts to follow. I must have been crazy to attempt this, as he has gone two winters without it being completed. He has stopped asking how it is going.

Enough for now. I'll be back again.


Olivia-Lee said...

>> I met my husband at UVA where we were fellow graduate students getting our doctorates in education<<

Right when I thought I was really going to like you too!!! We are avid VA Tech Fans here....

Thanks for introducing yourself. As a Master Knitter I am sure we will all call on you for help.

I actually drove right past the Manassas Battlefield twice Sunday...going up from 29 and coming home from 234. I know about where you are now...

I've promised FC a gansey sweater too, but I haven't even attempted to get it on the needles. I have bought 4 or 5 yarns trying to get just the right color of Chicago Maroon.

Cat =^,^= said...

Another Wahoo here (i.e., me), O, so watch out! We need to schedule a meet up sometime when we get folks organized here, don't you all think? Spring or fall so it won't be so doggone hot and humid.