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Friday, August 28, 2009

A bit of housekeeping.

We have had some new members since we last discussed this. If you'd like to be on the map, have your blog address, shop or website listed on the side bar or be named in the member list you should let us know...okay let Cat know because I will just forward it to her 'cause Iam lame about those things... We used to do it automatically, but someone objected, so we haven't done it automatically since then. This is one site where it is okay to advertise so long as it is fiber related.

Feel free to add any of these to your signature line also.

Also I sent out an e-mail a few weeks back and got several returned as wrong address. If your information has changed please let me know. I have a Virginia Knits list and a Virginia Knitters list in my AOL mail box. I have been trying to reconcile these with each other to see if the mistake is mine, but it is very time consuming. I wish I knew how to print them off, but for the life of me I don't ...I told you I'm lame about this kind of thing.

Maybe it is time to do a roll call to see who is really listening.

I wish I were knitting.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Knitter Magazine /UK

Would anyone/s be interested in sharing a subscription to Knitter Magazine. The British one not Knitter's...

I figure we could circulate them round robin style...Maybe you gals in River City?

Does aanyone locally subscribe. Not that anyone is local to Beaverdam, but you know what I mean.

I'd love to get my hands on the back issues for a few days


Who would be interested in planning, hosting or attending a mini work shop and what subject would you like to teach or learn....?

Would anyone be interested in a a secret pal exchange?

How about a meet up or swap...?

new member

Hello, all-
I found this site a while back and just joined. Thanks for having me!

I live in Waynesboro, and as you can see from my screen name, I both knit and crochet. Actually, it's my career as well as my hobby, so I'm blessed--or cursed, depending on deadlines. I'm happy to be a part of a more regional group, and hope to see some of you at the NoSo Knit in September.

My husband and I will be celebrating out 25th wedding anniversary that weekend, and we had already planned to go to Roanoke that weekend, so I'm going to drop by NoSo for an hour or so. It probably wouldn't be a good idea for me to spend hours of our weekend getaway at a knitting event; he's very supportive of the whole knitting thing, but that would be pushing it.
Happy knitting!


Monday, August 24, 2009

River City Knitters Guild Meeting ... aka Shopping Event

Yes, Olivia-Lee did finally drag herself into town on a Saturday morning for a guild meeting... and yes, I did tempt her with getting to meet the ladies behind TG Designs. She did, however, have a really good time - see above photo - O is the one in the bun. I am glad she was able to make it and I am also glad she got to meet so many of my other knitting friends! It was really neat for me to have so many friends in one spot for a couple of hours.

Chris and I got to Homewood Suites really early - about 7:45 am. I wanted to make sure we got there before any of the vendors arrived to set up. As it was, only TG Designs arrived early and I was even beginning to wonder (worry) about the others. Unfortunately, several folks - ok, lots of folks - got lost despite the directions. I don't know if they forgot to bring the directions or just thought they knew where they were going, but it was poorly marked signage wise and that did not help either! About 8:30 I got a call and one of the vendors had to cancel - she'd been stomach sick all night (I so hope she is better now)! The rest of the folks trickled in and I am glad I'd asked Chris to come along and play sherpa! He is such a good sport.

I think all the vendors had good sales and I had several folks asking about doing another shopping day next year and could I find MORE vendors! LOL I guess that is good feedback, eh?

The rain held off until we'd finished lunch (as reported by Olivia earlier) ... then it rained cats and dogs on the way home! Again, I am glad it did not rain on everyone coming and going from the Guild meeting.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Grand opening

Hi there! Pocket Meadow Farm is moving. We have found a cute little storefront in the heart of Berkeley Springs (19 N. Washington St.) and will be open for business there Sept.1. We're having our grand opening Labor Day weekend, so if you're up this way, please stop by.


Saturday, August 22, 2009

At long last...I escaped!!!!

Well !!!!

Cat finally got me to a guild meeting for the River City Knitters, by bribing me with, of all things, some bits of melted glass. I have recently bought a used Kiln that I hope I/we can make buttons with and I have been wanting to meet a glass artisan.

I got up early and found the surface of the kitchen table and fixed a major midday barbeque chicken meal/dinner for the crew cutting corn (a tradition for the last day cutting) and snuck out of the house before anyone could apprehend me.

She/Cat had arranged a mini craft show/sale for the guild with TG (Taylor Girl) Designs as one of the guest vendors and our own Pat Kirkland of the Yarn Barn as another. I was glad to see Pat alive and well after her recent health scare. I also finally got to meet Chan after many conversations...and so many other people that, if I have forgotten you names, please forgive me.

A good time was had and many dollars was spent by all... and River City now has my very tardy membership application...and my bank account is considerably lighter. I didn't buy something from every vendor, but I contributed to the coffers of quite a few.

I came home with two pins, and placed a custom order for one more, a bag of Melody and some adorable froggy stitch markers...I really don't use beaded stitch markers often, but my Mom used to collect frogs so I had to have them...Perhaps I will find a creative way to display them....A pin maybe???

I joined Cat and Chris for lunch...and then God tried to drown me for my sins. The radio was announcing flash flooding, and the rain falling at the rate of 3" to 5" an hour, as I rounded the bend past Echo Lake at about 20 mph. I should have stopped somewhere, but I was afraid if I did not press on I might not be able to get home. I had to cross three major creeks and the South Anna between there and the farm. As it was it had hardly rained at all when I got home.

...and not a dirty dish to be seen asnywhere when I got home...either they cleaned up after themselves... or took the whole mess to Grandma's...which is a more likely senerio...

Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday --- and not a day too soon!

Hi, all. It's Friday. Sigh. Glad to see the weekend come.

With the weekend comes River City Knitters' Vendor Trunk Show event. Saturday from 10 - noon (or a little later if we're having fun and a good turnout) RCK meets for a short monthly guild meeting and an opportunity to jump start any kind of buying spree you want to start, be it for the holidays or yourself - you can indulge.

Please check out the link for RCK where you can then click and see who is coming and what wonders they are bringing for us to feast on!

On another note, Robin C. and I went to visit with the Maidens Weaver on Wednesday evening. We had a good time meeting Cherri and seeing / touring her studio. Cherri is in the process of preparing for a show in September and has many lovely projects in the works. We met two students who were working on projects - one lady was dressing her loom and the other was working on a table runner using rag strips... both very interesting to see. I have little to no experience with weaving and am fascinated. Robin is anticipating the arrival of a loom which a good friend of hers is sending from Oregon... stay tuned ... I can't wait to see what Robin will do with it... she has lots of lovely fabric and yarns, any of which would make wonderful weaving projects...

I want to wrap up with some photos I took in Virginia Beach a few weeks back... we had a good time at the Cavalier Hotel... and hope to go back again soon.



The young yellow lab being hauled unceremoniously by her owner here had been a naughty girl. We saw her tromping down the beach; all of a sudden she made a bee-line toward two older ladies. These two ladies had just set up their chairs the way they wanted them, had pulled some coffee and breakfast out of a to-go bag and planted themselves in their seats -- only to be set upon by a huge, wet dog who proceeded to gobble their Mickey D's breakfast! They were nice about it, but the doggy-mom was not a happy girl!

On Wednesday, the full moon seemed to rise out of the Atlantic...
Breathtaking, isn't it?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Request an invitation

You must be a member to post here, that said, if you have come across this site accidentally and you would like to be a member, we would love to have you. While we are restricted to 100 members there is plenty of room for more. My address is olmommee@aol.com and Cat will supply her own if she wishes. The purpose of this group is to facilitate fiber related discussions and activities and invite people to find someone/s in their area to meet up with in a "safe" environment...Shop owners and other vendors are encouraged to post if you are having a particular activity or workshop you think will be of interest. Feel free to post a link to your personal or business website or blogsite and also to post your ravelry name in your signature line...We will post them to our side bar with your permission.

If you'd like to be put on the map also let us know. You might find someone just around the corner to knit/crochet/ spin with. That was my hope when we created this spot....and I still need spinning lessons.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

NoSoKnit Roanoke

I just got this notice from Rae:

Registration for this year's NoSoKnit will soon open. To join the list to receive NoSoKnit announcements for this year AND FUTURE YEAR, you must join the Yahoo Group RoanokeNoSoKnit. (This is NOT the list you joined last year, which was used only for those registered for the 2008 event.)To join this list, either: * Join on the web at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/RoanokeNoSoKnit/, or * Send an email to RoanokeNoSoKnit-subscribe@yahoogroups.comPLEASE join this list ASAP. I can add people to the list, but Yahoo Groups will only permit me to add 10 people every 24 hours. If you want to make sure that you receive NoSoKnit email notifications, you *must* join the Yahoo Group.If you have questions, please contact me.Thanks,Rae