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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Reminder of the Fiber arts Show and Tell Social tomorrow night

Just a reminder that I'm hosting a Show and Tell social at my studio (213 Roseneath Rd.) tomorrow night. It's open to all of you. Bring some of your work to show and inspire others with.
There is ample parking in the alley (lot is well lit) and we use the alley entrance. My studio is at the top of the stairs #205. Your arrival will be anticipated between 5:45 and 6:45. After that, the Roseneath students would like the studio to be theirs to weave in. The rest of the group can socialize in the corridors for a while. Hope to see you there. If you have questions, call me at 687-0543.
Cherri Hankins

Monday, September 22, 2008


Our weekend here with Melissa was wonderful. The Friday Night knitting group did more talking (this week) than knitting as Melissa and others shared about themselves and asked questions about Melissa. People wandered in even up to 10:00pm. Books were signed and we all got a glimpse of how this self proclaimed house wife from Massachusetts became so well know around the world's knitting tables.

Everyone enjoyed the Saturday workshop. I for one learned that 2 at a time magic loop was not really the same as Melissa's 2 at a time method. The are differences and Melissa's method is far simpler and easier to manage. After she showed me where I was messing up, it was smooth sailing for me from then on.

We spent Saturday learning Melissa's well know way to do socks, sharing stories about other known knitting authors and really getting to know Melissa. She is a light hearted enthusiastic person with much to share.

Melissa's new book " 2 at a time Toe Up" will hopefully be out in the fall of 2009 and she will be back to do that class right after the book premiers. I have already begun to make plans for that weekend as well as put in a pre-order request for the book that hasn't even been published yet.

I do hope that Melissa will take my request "to co-author "I'm Walking Around in Circles". Oh well, the title is a good one anyhow.

Melissa will be publishing in another new book soon to be in our shop, Luxury One Skein Wonders and we still have the SWTC Karoke Hat Book in stock. Melissa's pattern is the one right after the design I did for the SWTC's 1st book.

Signed copies of both the Hat Book and the 2 At A Time Socks book are still available in the shop this morning but won't be for long. We have had a couple of calls about them already this morning.

Thanks to all of you who attended this work shop. Each person added something special to this day and that is the reason it became so special to all who attended.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Spinners/ Felters Demo for Alpaca Roving

This lady is still looking for demonstrators for their Farm Festival. If any of you could help her out or know someone who might please contact her. Cat and I have her home # if you need it.

Attention Hand Spinners - Free Fiber 2 Trade We're a small alpaca farm located in Chesterfield. We've been unable to process much of our annual alpaca fiber. If you're a spinner, you KNOW how awesome this stuff is and how expensive it can be to get ahold of it! Especially prime blanket and cria fiber - which we have on hand! Would like to have a spinning demonstration, a dry felting demo and a wet felting demo for a farm event we're hosting in late September. Need someone to do the demo and want several samples on hand, perhaps some yarn or even felted products. Also interested in just having our quantities cleaned and skirted for larger production projects. Plan to have roving and batting for the open house too, but it needs to be sent off. We don't mill or spin here ourselves. If you want to consider trading service & production for some prime fiber, please contact. Open to letting you sell products, free advertising with ours and perhaps even entering shows if you're interested. Let's talk!Location: Chesterfield

fiber arts social

I'm holding a fiber arts social at my studio building on 10/1. The studio building is 213 Roseneath Rd. We are meeting to hold a show and tell of our recent work. It's mostly my weaving and spinning students, but we would love to show others our work. We willl be meeting at 5:450, and will ask that we have the studio back to ourselves by 6:45, as that is our regular work studio and class time. The studio has 4 students on an ongoing basis, and they are producing beautiful work. In addition, my students from the Visual Arts Center of Richmond will be there, as will my students from the studio at Glen Allen (4-6 students).
In addition to our own work, we welcome you to bring some of yours, and show us what else is going on in the fiber community in Richmond and the surrounding area. Because the studio is currently at capacity, we can overflow into the corridors. e-mail me for directions, or more information if you need it.
The attached picture is one of my commissions of hand-spun, hand-woven dog hair.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Pat Kirkland/ Design Class in Ashland

Pat just sent me the following note:

Just to let you know I will be teaching an all day design class in Ashland on October 18th...of course they have sent me no details...what else is new!

Pat KirtlandYarn Barn
5077 Andersonville Rd
Dillwyn, Va 23936

I am assuming she means the Hanover Knitting Guild meeting as before. They met at the Atlee Library on 301 last time we went.

If any of you can make it, I think Cat and I will probably be there Maybee we could have lunch somewhere afterward ad get to know each other better.

What a Morning!

So many knitters have been signing up at the last minute for Melissa's workshop! We do have the ability to add few more seats if friends need to sign up together. We did make plans in case that happened.

The Country Inn & Suites has a beautiful decor and the meeting room is very clean and comfortable.

It's always great to meet others from different places and I am sure we are all going to have a very good time.

I did get the supplies in and people are for the most part, waiting until Friday night to get theirs.

Melissa won't be in until 8 PM so we will be here until 10:00.

There still is a lot to do but it's all the fun things like shop for goodies to go with the coffee in the am.

I'll post more after the workshop and with pictures too.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Sunkist Cardi update

See Tinker Belle's Needles for update on my progress...
Oh, and ask Olivia-lee how hers is coming along!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Is anyone else planning to go? They sent out an update this morning and there is still room for a few more registrations. Cat and I have opted to carry our lunch, but there are boxed lunches available if you sign up by Sept 15.

Cat and I are signed up and we'd be glad to take along another couple of passengers. I have a nice roomy Camry that knows the road well and it gets good gas milage.

http://www.thinkingknitter.com/NoSo2008.htm .

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Melissa's Book is Number One

The number one selling book in the country is 2-At-A-Time Socks by Melissa Morgan-Oakes!

Melissa will be with us the weekend of September 19-20th.

Come get your books signed by the author of the now Number One Selling Knitting book in the country!
Friday night the shop will be open till approximately 10PM.
Drop by and say “hi”.

You are also welcome to take her wonderfully exciting class as long as there are seats remaining too.

Call or visit:

Coordinated Colors Yarn Shoppe at Yorktown
2703 George Washington Hwy.
Yorktown, VA 23693