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Monday, September 22, 2008


Our weekend here with Melissa was wonderful. The Friday Night knitting group did more talking (this week) than knitting as Melissa and others shared about themselves and asked questions about Melissa. People wandered in even up to 10:00pm. Books were signed and we all got a glimpse of how this self proclaimed house wife from Massachusetts became so well know around the world's knitting tables.

Everyone enjoyed the Saturday workshop. I for one learned that 2 at a time magic loop was not really the same as Melissa's 2 at a time method. The are differences and Melissa's method is far simpler and easier to manage. After she showed me where I was messing up, it was smooth sailing for me from then on.

We spent Saturday learning Melissa's well know way to do socks, sharing stories about other known knitting authors and really getting to know Melissa. She is a light hearted enthusiastic person with much to share.

Melissa's new book " 2 at a time Toe Up" will hopefully be out in the fall of 2009 and she will be back to do that class right after the book premiers. I have already begun to make plans for that weekend as well as put in a pre-order request for the book that hasn't even been published yet.

I do hope that Melissa will take my request "to co-author "I'm Walking Around in Circles". Oh well, the title is a good one anyhow.

Melissa will be publishing in another new book soon to be in our shop, Luxury One Skein Wonders and we still have the SWTC Karoke Hat Book in stock. Melissa's pattern is the one right after the design I did for the SWTC's 1st book.

Signed copies of both the Hat Book and the 2 At A Time Socks book are still available in the shop this morning but won't be for long. We have had a couple of calls about them already this morning.

Thanks to all of you who attended this work shop. Each person added something special to this day and that is the reason it became so special to all who attended.


Cat =^,^= said...

It sounds GREAT Sherri - I wish I could have attended. Once you set the next one with Melissa, I will put it on my calendar to attend.

Sherri said...

Well....it will be about this time next year. Melissa's writing the new book now. We are the first shop on the list.

Melissa and I had "met" 2 years ago, even before her first book came out as we had published for SWTC together. Now I can really say, "I knew her when".