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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What a Morning!

So many knitters have been signing up at the last minute for Melissa's workshop! We do have the ability to add few more seats if friends need to sign up together. We did make plans in case that happened.

The Country Inn & Suites has a beautiful decor and the meeting room is very clean and comfortable.

It's always great to meet others from different places and I am sure we are all going to have a very good time.

I did get the supplies in and people are for the most part, waiting until Friday night to get theirs.

Melissa won't be in until 8 PM so we will be here until 10:00.

There still is a lot to do but it's all the fun things like shop for goodies to go with the coffee in the am.

I'll post more after the workshop and with pictures too.

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