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Friday, October 23, 2009

The Next $5.00 Workshop: Fixing Minor Mistakes

NOV 14th 3:45pm

Fixing simple mistakes workshop $5.00
Limit 10 people

Sign up early please, this has been widely requested!
No supply purchase required for this but you will need 2 swatches on stitch holders, yarn, needles, safty pins and a crochet hook.

We are starting a new class for those who want to learn to knit. This class is also a great class for anyone who wants to “brush up” on their beginning knit skills.

Class is on Saturday beginning November 14th at 1:30

Fee: $45.00
4/5 sessions

There will also be a class starting one evening during the week.

Coordinated Colors Yarn Shoppe
2703 George Washington Hwy.
Yorktown, VA 23693


Hampton Roads Largest Yarn Shop

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Student missing from concert in Charlottesville

Today, Thursday, new details emerge - the young lady mistakenly left the concert while looking for a bathroom and ended up outside of the Arena ... she could not go back in the concert because of a no reentry policy ... while I understand the philosophy for the policy, what are folks thinking leaving a teenager outside, away from their friends and relative safety, in a strange town...?? Am I the only one concerned about this update?

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Saturday Workshops You Don't Want to Miss!

Saturday, October 17th 4:00pm
Tubular Cast on/off

This provisional cast on will not only make your knitting look more professional but it will end the worry of too tight a cast on for your projects.
The tubal ribbed cast on is probably the most elastic of
cast-ons. Stretching as far as the yarn will allow, this is the most preferred cast on for socks, cuffs, neck lines and any other smaller areas.

Come and learn this marvelous cast-on, while enjoying the company of fellow knitters.

Cost for these and other workshops to come is only $5.00
plus the materials.

Keep up to date by reading the news letters and our blog,
Equal Opportunity Yarns

New inexpensive yet highly educational workshops will be scheduled approxinately every 2 weeks.

Coordinated Colors Yarn Shoppe
2703 George Washington Hwy
Yorktown, VA 23693