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Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday --- and not a day too soon!

Hi, all. It's Friday. Sigh. Glad to see the weekend come.

With the weekend comes River City Knitters' Vendor Trunk Show event. Saturday from 10 - noon (or a little later if we're having fun and a good turnout) RCK meets for a short monthly guild meeting and an opportunity to jump start any kind of buying spree you want to start, be it for the holidays or yourself - you can indulge.

Please check out the link for RCK where you can then click and see who is coming and what wonders they are bringing for us to feast on!

On another note, Robin C. and I went to visit with the Maidens Weaver on Wednesday evening. We had a good time meeting Cherri and seeing / touring her studio. Cherri is in the process of preparing for a show in September and has many lovely projects in the works. We met two students who were working on projects - one lady was dressing her loom and the other was working on a table runner using rag strips... both very interesting to see. I have little to no experience with weaving and am fascinated. Robin is anticipating the arrival of a loom which a good friend of hers is sending from Oregon... stay tuned ... I can't wait to see what Robin will do with it... she has lots of lovely fabric and yarns, any of which would make wonderful weaving projects...

I want to wrap up with some photos I took in Virginia Beach a few weeks back... we had a good time at the Cavalier Hotel... and hope to go back again soon.



The young yellow lab being hauled unceremoniously by her owner here had been a naughty girl. We saw her tromping down the beach; all of a sudden she made a bee-line toward two older ladies. These two ladies had just set up their chairs the way they wanted them, had pulled some coffee and breakfast out of a to-go bag and planted themselves in their seats -- only to be set upon by a huge, wet dog who proceeded to gobble their Mickey D's breakfast! They were nice about it, but the doggy-mom was not a happy girl!

On Wednesday, the full moon seemed to rise out of the Atlantic...
Breathtaking, isn't it?

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