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Monday, August 24, 2009

River City Knitters Guild Meeting ... aka Shopping Event

Yes, Olivia-Lee did finally drag herself into town on a Saturday morning for a guild meeting... and yes, I did tempt her with getting to meet the ladies behind TG Designs. She did, however, have a really good time - see above photo - O is the one in the bun. I am glad she was able to make it and I am also glad she got to meet so many of my other knitting friends! It was really neat for me to have so many friends in one spot for a couple of hours.

Chris and I got to Homewood Suites really early - about 7:45 am. I wanted to make sure we got there before any of the vendors arrived to set up. As it was, only TG Designs arrived early and I was even beginning to wonder (worry) about the others. Unfortunately, several folks - ok, lots of folks - got lost despite the directions. I don't know if they forgot to bring the directions or just thought they knew where they were going, but it was poorly marked signage wise and that did not help either! About 8:30 I got a call and one of the vendors had to cancel - she'd been stomach sick all night (I so hope she is better now)! The rest of the folks trickled in and I am glad I'd asked Chris to come along and play sherpa! He is such a good sport.

I think all the vendors had good sales and I had several folks asking about doing another shopping day next year and could I find MORE vendors! LOL I guess that is good feedback, eh?

The rain held off until we'd finished lunch (as reported by Olivia earlier) ... then it rained cats and dogs on the way home! Again, I am glad it did not rain on everyone coming and going from the Guild meeting.

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Channon said...

It was great!! Add in putting some faces with names, and it was a wondeful event.