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Saturday, August 22, 2009

At long last...I escaped!!!!

Well !!!!

Cat finally got me to a guild meeting for the River City Knitters, by bribing me with, of all things, some bits of melted glass. I have recently bought a used Kiln that I hope I/we can make buttons with and I have been wanting to meet a glass artisan.

I got up early and found the surface of the kitchen table and fixed a major midday barbeque chicken meal/dinner for the crew cutting corn (a tradition for the last day cutting) and snuck out of the house before anyone could apprehend me.

She/Cat had arranged a mini craft show/sale for the guild with TG (Taylor Girl) Designs as one of the guest vendors and our own Pat Kirkland of the Yarn Barn as another. I was glad to see Pat alive and well after her recent health scare. I also finally got to meet Chan after many conversations...and so many other people that, if I have forgotten you names, please forgive me.

A good time was had and many dollars was spent by all... and River City now has my very tardy membership application...and my bank account is considerably lighter. I didn't buy something from every vendor, but I contributed to the coffers of quite a few.

I came home with two pins, and placed a custom order for one more, a bag of Melody and some adorable froggy stitch markers...I really don't use beaded stitch markers often, but my Mom used to collect frogs so I had to have them...Perhaps I will find a creative way to display them....A pin maybe???

I joined Cat and Chris for lunch...and then God tried to drown me for my sins. The radio was announcing flash flooding, and the rain falling at the rate of 3" to 5" an hour, as I rounded the bend past Echo Lake at about 20 mph. I should have stopped somewhere, but I was afraid if I did not press on I might not be able to get home. I had to cross three major creeks and the South Anna between there and the farm. As it was it had hardly rained at all when I got home.

...and not a dirty dish to be seen asnywhere when I got home...either they cleaned up after themselves... or took the whole mess to Grandma's...which is a more likely senerio...

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Cat said...

We really did have a great time! I hope more folks will come out next year!