Where are we?

Monday, March 31, 2008


Hello, everyone! I'm CJ aka CraftyGryphon, and I wandered into VAKnitters via the Secret of the Stole I a while back. I'm located in NoVa, have only started three knitting projects in 2008 that I haven't finished yet, and one of my big resolutions for 2008 is "under 50 UFOs". I'm trying to post daily M-F to my blog CraftyGryphon Knits... mostly it works. Yay!


Olivia-Lee said...

Thanks CJ for joining (again) and posting your introduction. That is the way we get to know one another.

Good Luck on that resolution. I'm afraid to count mine. At one point I'd pledged to knit a swatch of every yarn that came in the house and I really need to do that but I have joined so darned many KALs that I already can't keep up with...Right now I am seriously working on the EZasPi Orkney Lace Pi shawl for my yet unborn third granddaughter Mystic Light and my very late Dem Fischer...Did you do Secret of the Stole II? Mine is about half finished, but I'll be starting over. I don't think the color I chose fits the theme.

CraftyGryphon said...

I'm about halfway through II - I'm on Hint #5, and just have to figure out what I can finish up quickly to get back to it. SotS I is still stalled on Hint #2 (sigh).