Where are we?

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Finally Set Up to Post

Hi, I'm Mary in Spotsylvania County (Massaponex area). I've finally gotten set up to post with Cat's help. I work in DC, so lately I'm not around much. On the other hand, now that I'm taking the train again I'm getting some knitting done! I think some of us have been emailing for about a year now and I'm thinking we're way overdue for a real get-together - maybe pick a Saturday or Sunday afternoon at a relatively centrally located Panera or some such location and see who can show up????


Olivia-Lee said...

I think scheduling some get togethers would be lovely. I'd be gald to have an afternoon knitting tea here on lawn at the farm when the weather is more predictable.

We are very easy to get to from I-95.

Mary in VA said...

Oh, that would be really nice. Then if all of us showed up we wouldn't have to worry about swamping any place!