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Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I sent out invitations again for some of the people on our invitation list who do not appear to have joined yet. If I hit some of them twice, sorry, the blog kicked me off a couple of times when I went too fast for it...I am afraid maybe your first invitation may have gotten caught in your spam filter....or your significant other filter.... found a couple with misspellings. My fault entirely. I am still combing through my address lists.

If you are having trouble signing on just let Cat or I know and we will help you through it. Anyone can see/read our blog, but you have to be signed on to post....If you are reading our blog, but haven't gotten an invitation yet, just e-mail me (Olivia-Lee or Cat)...and if you know someone who would like an invitation...ditto....

If you have joined, but used another email address other than the one to which we sent your invitation would you please let me know. Our space is limited to 100 members so we don't want to be holding a space someone else can fill.

I am also compiling address cards for each of you in my AOL address book which I will share only with Cat. The purpose of this is so we can arrange introductions if someone in your area is asking specifically to meet you or someone like you and you won't have to post personal information on the blog for the world to see.....This is for your safety. E-mail me and I will send you a form. You can fill out only the parts you want to share.

I have found a map that will identify you by your zipcodes. May work for our interactive map. I turned that over to our technical advisor Cat to research.

I will also be sending out some group e-mail now and again. If you wish me to hide your screen name in group e-mails will you also let me know this.

Again if you all know something that would make our site better suggest away. This is your site too you know.

I'll let Cat post her address.

Mine is:

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blufroghollow said...

I finally found my way around here - thanks! I'm looking forward to participating. Mary Hud (blufroghollow)