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Tuesday, May 20, 2008


2nd Annual World Wide Knit in Public Day Celebration

Hi there. Just letting you all know that we'll be sponsoring the Berkeley Springs, WV Knit in Public Day event on June 14, 6pm onwards. Here's the scoop!

• Location: Berkeley Springs park, near the bandstand
• Date: June 14
• Time: 6pm onwards 6/14

Bring: chair, project to work on, bottle of water and snacks

If anyone is looking for a WWKIP event, please feel free to pass along the information!

To be honest, I am ambivalent about the somewhat goofy name of this event. I always knit in public, everywhere. It’s not something that needs to be done “in private”! Am I over-reacting? Let me know your thoughts! But it will be fun, and we might get some new people interested in knitting (or crocheting)! We could also do a group dinner at Tari’s or Mi Ranchito later. Mmmm, margaritas!

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Olivia-Lee said...

Sounds lovely....At this point Cat and I were planning on driving upon Sunday for RT&OF but tt would be fun to participate.

Maybe...I for two am not a closet knitter my any means. My knitting goes everywhere with me...

BTW we are looking for one or two more people to meet us in Beaverdam and drive up in my Camry to save on gas.