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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Maryland Sheep and Wool

Hello everyone,

Did anyone go the MS&W this year? I have been expecting to hear comments about your experiences. I went on Saturday,but couldn't walk for long, due to poor circulation in legs, but did manage to buy some yarn and a pattern. I attended the Raverly gathering. I was surprised at the number of members that were there. It was very crowded.



Robin C said...

hi everyone,

I went to MS&W. Had a nice day, bought 3 skeins of yarn, some other little things and went home totally pooped. The walking on uneven terrain just about did me in. But had a good time, saw many nice things and the weather couldn't have been much better for the crowds.

Olivia-Lee said...

I couldn't go :(

Cat and Diana went but not together.... Hope they will chime in.

Diana's FIL is very ill right now so she may not be reading but she has posted on other groups we are in together.

lindalovestostitch said...

I was there Eugenia...