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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Intro - Margaret (LotsofYarn) in Charlottesville

Hi All! Thanks to Olivia-Lee for the invitation to join after she mentioned the blog on MMario's lace group.

I'm a knitter and spinner from Charlottesville, though we also spend some time in Mathews (down by the Bay). Most of my knitting and spinning adventures make it onto my blog, where I talk about lace, socks, startitis, some spinning, and lots of yarn. On Ravelry, I'm lotsofyarn.

We've got a weekly Wednesday night stitch-n-bitch/meetup in at the Hollymead Panera and all are invited to join us if you find yourself in Cville at mid-week. On Ravelry, we're Cville Knitters. Please get in touch with me if you want more info or links to our Yahoo group.


Olivia-Lee said...

Thank you for introducing yourself. It will be nice to have you here. I have the wheel and two angora bunnies. I am wanting to learn to spin. Hope we can get together sometime. Perhaps you'd like to teach a spinning work shop for us. I'd be glad to host one this summer on the farm.

Charlottesville isn't all that far from me. I just have a very busy schedule for a non-working woman...or is that an oxymoron....

Eugenia said...

Welcome to our group blog. I was pleased to see that you are from Charlottesville. Hubby and I both have advanced degrees from UVA. In fact that is where we met. I'll let you know next time we visit friends in Ch'ville.