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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Introduction to new members and proposition

Looks like we will have three new memebers today counting Margaret. Happens like that. Cat is our technical director and blog mom since she has to do all the work. I'll let her add your links to the list. I am tend to be the one who gets all the credit while she does all the work, so I figure that makes me the blog daddy. We ae a very odd couple indeed. We have actually only physically met a couple of times but have been emailing for over a year now.

Please let us know if you hear of any great goings on in your area. I am also working on ideas for some kind of swap and a round robin and I will be re sending questionnaires soon as I can get the mailing list straightened out again. When I upgraded my AOL account everything changed and I don't know if it was deleted or just changed. I did however print all the responses I had so the information is not lost completely. I have several major projects other than knitting I am working on so I shouldn't be playing on the computer at all. ....Cat, I can almost get through the hall to the first craft room. Once I can do that the goal is to get both rooms organized so that I can work in at least one of them. Then it is on to the basement...but I stillhave to use the nice days to get the yard and downstairs ready for Jade's birthday party. Ladies I confess I am a terrible housekeeper...I'd much rather be knitting or gardening.

Ladies, besides two rooms full of craft stash, I have a huge basement with outside access. It needs a major cleaning out and dressing up, but it'd be a great place to meet for workshops on occassion. I'd really like to organize a multi craft cooperative and share some of my excess craft stash and equipment...I am in sort of eastern central Virginia. I am less than an hour from most of Richmond and Fredericksburg and only about an hour from Charlottesville/UVA depending on which tractor or school bus you get behind, which it seems I always do when I am in a hurry. Itt is a windy, but pretty rural drive most of the way. I am only about 15 minutes west of I-95 at Kings Dominion/Doswell the other way and it is practically a straight shot....

I am thinking perhaps we could make up and sell some of it on e-bay or etsy or craft fairs and provide us some kind of income to support our habits and maybe some charities. Cat and I have been tossing about the idea, but haven't been able to actually get together and work on it. It could be the start of a great cottage business if a few of us could really work at it....What do you all think. Ideas? Suggestions?

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Eugenia said...

A knitter/crafter should never have to make apologies for the condition of our homes. I am wishing for a bigger house, myself. We need more space for our 'goodies', and maybe some space for 'living'.