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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Rainy Saturday/

How is everyone this rainy Saturday morning? m I am neither knitting, gardening or cleaning house...all of which I am way behind on. I am going to Greenville, VA tomorrow to pick up yet two more (daddy) bunnies.

I heard from Pat Kirkland this morning from the Yarn Barn.

For those of you who are members of the River City Knitters, Pat is your instructor for the Grave's Mountain Retreat on the 12th of April. Cat and I are going to try up for just the day that Saturday.

The following Saturday, Pat will be speaking to the Hanover Knitting Guild at the Hanover Courthouse Public Library Meeting 10-12:00. If at all possible I will be trying to make that meeting too. I have scheduling conflict that I hope to be able to work around. Hope to meet some of you there.

I am not a member of either of these guilds ...yet.

Pat will also be returning from a Knitting Connections Retreat in Columbus the weekend of the Rustic Tarts and Old Farts so she will be stopping by that day also.

Perhaps if we ask really sweetly, she may arrange an activity for us at the shop when her garden is in bloom in Dillwyn.


Pat Kirtland said...

Can't believe I can be so stupid when it comes to making a simple comment....maybe this time every thing I have all ready written will not disappear! Now to remember what I said...old age is certaily setting in!

You are certainly welcome to come here any time...we live next to the store which is housed in a very old general store building. So, are here most of the time.

On the 12th at Graves Mountain I will be teaching entralac and bringing yarns to support that kind of knitting plus other goodies.

On the 19 at the Atlee library I will have a trunk show and talking about changing the size of commercial patterns to fit you and bringing baskets of yarn that support my designs and other new yarns that have just come in.

The yard has started blooming and I try to keep in bloom till frost sets in...currently in bloom are late daffodils, tupils, and lilacs. Time to spend rest of this rainy day transplanting hundreds of seedlings that have germinated.

Olivia-Lee said...

YAYYYY!!! You finally did it. Thanks for posting. Cat and I will see you Saturday at Grave's Mountain and hopefully the following weekend for the Hanover Guild meeting. I am looking forward to learning Entrelac. I have lots of yarn in my stash I think would be good candidates for the technique.