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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hanover Knitting Guild

What a nice group of ladies / girls! Olivia and I attended the knitting guild meeting yesterday, albeit arriving a little late ... me due to back up on 95 and her b/c of a dog-gone circular needle disaster involving lace and rapidly dropping stitches! Anyhow we both made it (after going to the incorrect library location first), and arrived in time to hear Pat's talk on pattern basics for ample figured girls. When you have a chance to hear her, make sure you go - she knows lots of good stuff!! She also brought a small fortune's worth of yarn and patterns and sample sweaters from her store ... Olivia and I can't wait to visit her at the store and just wander through it all at our leisure. Pat seems to know more about pattern designing that I will probably learn and forget before I leave this world!

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