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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

New Shop!

Hey, I finally did it - opened a shop on etsy! I put ten items in on Sunday afternoon, and I've sold four - all handspun or hand dyed yarn. I will be adding more items soon. Check it out sometime: wildhare.etsy.com.

- Melissa


Olivia-Lee said...

Wonderful!!! You have some neat things there.

I haven't spun any myself yet. I have some commercial wool yarn I tried dyeing with Easter Eg dye and cake icing dye. They came out great. Since then I have started raiding the stash for some I don't really care for and have redyed several of those with good results.

I could really get into doing this daily, if I had the resources.

I think a dyeing work shop would be loads of fun. I'd like to take a class on natural/herbal dyes.

Cat =^,^= said...

yes, dyeing workshop would be a blast, I think, not to mention mucho colorful!