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Monday, November 1, 2010

Yarn Shop updates

I was wandering around the blog trying to remember who was the "manager" if you will since I was wondering if something was allowed.

Anyway, I noticed the yarn shop list needs updating. Sadly, My Favorite Yarn Shop in Warrenton closed recently. I also discovered that Knit Happens in Alexandria had closed when I went to Old Town recently, though there is a new (to me anyway) one called Fibre Space.

Anyway my question - I've decided to sell a 2 of my 3 wheels - is it okay to post "for sales" here?

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Cat said...

Sorry, Mary, yes it is just fine to post 'for sales' here ... as long as they are fiber-related in some (tenuous) way! Olivia and I are the managers in residence, but I guess we were asleep at the wheel (pun intended)!