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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Rick Reeves wheel for sale

I've decided no reply means its okay to do this, and I want to post before I lose my nerve on selling this one.

Purchased this from a friend a few years ago. She had never finished it, and the bobbin on the wheel is about 1/3 full of the only spinning she says she did. I swore I wouldn't use until I finished it first and I've never done that, so I've kinda decided it deserves someone who can care and use it better than me.

The info:

Unfinished. 24" Saxony. 3 bobbins - one on the wheel and two on the lazy kate. 3 flyer whorls. Still has oriface hook. Signed and dated 2000.

Asking $1000, but will entertain offers, especially if I don't have to consider how to ship it. The wheel is in Spotsylvania County right now.

Below is a second picture of the underside of the bench showing the signature and extra whorls.

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