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Friday, October 1, 2010

Fall Festivals - Montpelier

Well, I want to go to Montpelier, but I don't think my personal life is going to let me.  So, ladies, please do this:  please post here so that Olivia and I can live vicariously - and pics too please! 

I wanted to go to Shenandoah last weekend but depended on Chan for a report ... if you went, please post something here, alright?

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Mary in VA said...

I ended up going since the day was so nice after last week. They probably could have used another day for things to dry out - the main road along the lower edge of the parking lot was getting pretty rutted when we left about 2. Seemed very crowded to me, but I usually go on Sunday. Will post more about the loot tomorrow when I can take pics.