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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Montpelier Fiber Festival

Who is going? I'll probably be attending on Sunday, but I am open to a change...I'd be glad to carpool with anyone coming this way.

With all the grandbabies things are quite busy. I know I have been neglecting posting. I have been knitting, knitting, knitting. I have two Rose of England Teacloths ongoing in lace weight....Lots of little Mary Janes and I have developed a cute little Saddle Oxford/ Athletic Shoe pattern for the boys...and I have two ripple baby blankets ongoing for psuedo grands ( ie: babies of children that have been like my children..)

Bryer is still with me about 12 hours a day. She is almost two and quite "independent"...Used to be when she climbed out of her crib she came looking for me. Now she wants to know where I not so she can get into something she isn't supposed to....By the time she goes home all I am good for is a little Farmville and off to bed to knit. The house is a wreck.

Miss Caroline Grace came early, 9-11-10, which would have been my father's 100th birthday and it looks like Marissa Elizabeth will be here any day now. They actually made a "trial run" to the hospital this morning....We are triple booked this weekend...with the "beauty queens" going to the fair. Hannah is having a housewarming/birthday/pig roast complements of their landlors and Thomas and his friend Joel...and FC's 45th highschool reunion....so my bet is Marissa will plan to arrive then....oh and Boston College/VA Tech at 12:00.

Caroline picked to come during the VA Tech/JMU game...Bless her...Not that I wanted to sit in the pouring rain while we got our hineys beat or the joyous ride home with my guys...My son did give me a blow by blow update on his "computer" phone...until I told him " if he could not say anything nice, not to say anything at all...Apparently after that nothing nice happened.

Please remember this is not my site, but your site...Please feel free to post about what you are working on.... what you want to work on... and.....what is going on fiber wise in your area...

... and vendors and guilds we WANT to know about your workshops classes and sales...

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