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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Summer happenings

My summer has flown by or so it seems. We have been busy going to WV for our club meetings and to South Carolina for South East Linux Fest (Linux/Fedora is a free operating system for computers). My hubby is a Fedora Ambassador which means he helps others fix problems and promotes the one laptop per child program (in the fall you can purchase a laptop for a needy child and receive a second laptop for your child, for only $400.00). This month I have spent 3 weekends helping my mother in law with a yard sale. This weekend (July 25th) we have a picnic in Blacksburg with our WV Club (Fan Club of Star Trek) which also puts on Rising Star (http://www.rising-star.org) a Science Fiction Convention. August 1st we will be Bluefield, WV or VA for Lemonaide Days with the above club which sponsers two soap box cars for the underprivlaged children to race. August 8th is my hubby's family reunion which we will be attending (close by home) and then we leave for Walt Disney World on August 15th and will return home on August 23rd. We will be taking our son and his girlfriend with us to Walt Disney. September and October are full of travel and activities as well but dates escape me at the moment.

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