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Friday, July 24, 2009

State Fair Vs Montpelier Fall Fiber Festival

I find myself again in a quandry. Do I submit my entries to the Virginia State Fair or Fiber Festival Competition/s. They are yet again overlapping.

...So would you rather your masterpiece be viewed by the general public and promote our craft to many or would you rather it be viewed and judged by your peers/masters...???

I have queried the Fiber Festival folk to the necessitity of these events are running concurrently. My thinking being they are smaller and it would be easier for them to move their timeline. Still your entry to them has to be in by Sept 19th for a Oct 3 & 4 viewing and the fair runs Sept. 24th to the 4th...If you'd like to let them know how you feel, the Fiber Festival competition e-mail address is skeinandgarment@gmail.com.

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Cate K said...

I am in the same quandry. I still worry my skills are not up to snuff either way... I'm leaning towards the Fiber Festival however, as it is a smaller venue and I hope to get more constructive feedback from the judges.