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Friday, October 17, 2008

Shenandoah Valley Fiber Festival

Is anyone planning to attend this festival next weekend (25-26th) in Berryville, VA? I cannot go on Saturday, as the studio is open and I have a wedding to officiate, but I intend to be there on Sunday with my DH Sherpa. :-)

http://shenandoahvalley.tripod.com/ is the website. I've never been to this one; it usually falls on the weekend I have family in for my mother's and my joint birthday dinner, but this year it's the week before. So I cannot vouch for how good it is, although I do know some of the vendors are good quality. However, a friend of mine who's been liked it.



Olivia-Lee said...

We're on baby watch here and hopefully getting the nursery ready. Sheeesh! You'd think it was my baby...Where are those dang teen age parents anyway...I don't get Fridays (or any other day of the week either)off....

Cat =^,^= said...

I went last year and enjoyed it. It is small and kind of quaint... not 'elegant' like MSWF! (LOL) I enjoyed myself last year and hope to go this year... just working out a few family details. We have not decided which day, either, yet, but since Diana indicates she's doing Sunday, perhaps we will too... will keep you posted.