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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Montpelier Fiber Festival

We've had so many aborted trips lately, I didn't want to post until I was sure we were on the way. We will be there today. If any one else is going to be there be sure to find us. I will be there in total VT regalia (NOTE from CAT: despite the fact that she'll be with the token Wahoo)...Orange pants maroon shirt and maroon jacket. My hair is twisted up in a clip.

We have neighbors who raises Alpaca who were at the fair last night. I have met her and not him. He found our site doing a web search. I am assuming about the National Alpaca Day event in Goochland last weekend. He'd asked his wife if she knew me, so was thrilled to met me.

I have promised her a spinning workshop, so someone/s be thinking about it.
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Cat =^,^= said...

We had a great day! Folks we met, please email so we can add you in here, ok?!