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Sunday, August 24, 2008

08.23.08 River City Knitters guild meeting inspires me

RCK had a really informative meeting yesterday. The topic was top down sweaters. Andrea M. prepared a wonderfully understandable talk that got me motivated to take out the cardigan patterns again and figure out what to knit next. One site she recommended is the Knitting Pure & Simple tutorial. It is really a good one to visit because it takes you from casting on through binding off. I made their wrap cardigan (my first sweater ever, and so far my only sweater ever) and wish I had known about this tutorial before!

Of course I also had to dig into the stash to see what was there that I love that I have not knitted yet! I decided to knit the Sunkist cardi (from Through the Loops but before I can cast on, I need to do some (dare I say it?) math. You see, my bust is not 34" anymore. I am going to try to combine what I learned yesterday with my math skills and see if I can calculate my way into knitting that sweater to fit a more solid, forty-something figure! I will keep you posted.

As a funny aside, my friend RC and I were listening intently as Andrea explained techniques and threw out pattern and website names. Two names cracked us up - the 'sunkist party' and something from a site called 'cosmo bluto'. Well, as you may have surmised, the first one was actually the Sunkist Cardi and the second turned out to be a website called Cosmicpluto Knits. Doesn't seem as funny now; guess you had to be there!

At the end of the program, we pulled out our Riverdance Stoles (the mystery stole's new name) and compared. A huge thanks to Robin Hasty for taking this photo! I hope she does not mind me copying it here.

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Olivia-Lee said...

Looks like you are coming along nicely. I do love that yarn!

You all check out: TiNKer Belles Needles :to see close ups of CATS Riverdance Stole.