Where are we?

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Where are we?

I have created the map above ... but I don't know where we all are from! If you're not there, please email me and advise so I can add your location... I am learning how it works and I want to make it able to accept your edits too --- if anybody knows about it, please advise so we can make it more interactive, ok?


KSee said...

that is cool. I would have thought there were more knitters up here. Well, the word will got out

Olivia-Lee said...

Cat this is wonderful!!! I knew you could do it!!!!

Ksee, we have a lot more knitters that have been invited, but they seem to want to lurk rather than post so they haven't officially joined. Feel free to nominate new members when you all run across them. many of youare here because I saw you name some where on one of my knitting lists. I'd really like to see some more participation and chatter. You all let us know where you are, what guilds and clubs you all belong to, and what workshops and happenings are going on in your areas.

If you own a LSN or other business it is okay to post your classes and workshops and locations with us.

If any of you have links to personal blogs, guild or shop websites or etsy pages...Let Cat know. This is one place that it okay.

If any of you have ideas for workshops you would like to attend or host lets discuss that too.

Thisngs have been kind of busy for me the past few weeks with my elderly aunt, my daughter and 5 new puppies and newest grand daughter Addison. I have been running hither, thither and yon. Plus I am trying to totally rearrange my house so that I have room for my next grand cdaughter who will live here with me and possibly also a grandson. That means my stashwill have to be moved out of the two spare rooms upstairs and my basement will need to be finished for my workspace. I won't be able to be online much so I'll need you all to take up some of my space here.

Cat too has been dealing with the aftermath of losing a young nephew and she has been very busy helping her sister's grieving family. I appreciate her taking the time to do this map for us today.