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Saturday, July 26, 2008

What is every one working on?

I have almost finished my Orkney Pi. Just a few more rows to go and then I have to decide on the finish. I am thinking perhaps a picot edged bind off. Any suggestions. It must be stretchy.

I have knit quite a few 5 hour baby sweaters this summer and haven't gotten it down to 5 hours yet.

Addison is filling out...Hannah is filling out more (she is due in November) FC' son Ben's baby is due in December and another daughter Sandy is expecting in January/February. Not to mention the two great nieces tha I still owe something. I expect baby things will be my top priority for awhile. I did sign up for SOTS3, so I guess we will keep that group open for a while. If you all haven't checked it out yet, the signups I believe close on the 12 of August.

A "good" (!?) friend and I recently took a trip to see Pat Kirkland at the Yarn Barn. (Pictures to follow) Ever heard the expression "You can't judge a book by it's cover"?...No not Pat... but you would never guess what a lovely shop is hiding in that rustic building. Your first response when you walk through the door is "Oooo" and your second is "Ahhhhh"... There is so much to see and feel and watch the drool! I have never seen so many lovely resources, as in, books and pamphlets and scores of shop samples. She also has a collection of some lovely unusual buttons and a very large yarn selection... some I have never heard of before. If you do decide to visit Pat I have two suggestions. Do NOT use mapquest or google maps...Get your directions from her website.... and second pack a lunch.

From Pat's we took my two bunnie girls to be bred. Hope it took... and I picked up two darling white angora babies from Sally just below Farmville. Sally will be joining the group soon. What a lovely lady she is. We had such a good time visiting with her and her critters on her little farmette.

Work on cleaning the basement out to set up a workshop is going slowly. We need to shift my stash down there so that there will be room for Hannah's baby this fall....and we need a place to work that we can spread out in and be able to leave things out. I have a huge stash of upholstery type materials I hope to turn into totes and accessories for sale.

This next week I am transforming our church into the Hawaiian Islands for VBS so I won't be getting much done down ther this week. If anyone is not afraid to get dirty and sweaty come on down.

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