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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Rustic Tarts & Old Farts Gathering

A reminder that the RT&OF 1st Annual Hoot 'n Holler is this Sunday from 1-6 in Martinsburg WV. Please join the Yahoo groups RusticTartsAndOldFarts if you'd like to come, or just hear more about it.

And we have a graphic, available on totes, tees and more. Enjoy!


Olivia-Lee said...

Love it...Is that Tony wearing a John Deere Hat?....Does he have one? Would he really wear one...?

Olivia-Lee said...

Cat and I have room for one more on Sunday in my car if you are in the area. We will be leaving from my house in Beaverdam at 11:00AM and will probably not be back very late. I will bringing home a bunny and I have puppies possibly due that day. My daughter who is an experienced puppy midwife will be able to be here much of the day...but she has a wee one to put to bed also...