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Friday, June 20, 2008

More than Puppies

Olivia-Lee has more than Puppies.

I have a brand new granddaughter, Addison Renee Martin, 5lb 10 oz and 19 inches. A perfect tiny pink bundle. Nursing like a champ. Mom and baby are doing fine. Dad claims to be exhausted.

She was just a few days early so the size is just her size. My first was about that size and is still petit, but my smallest adult daughter weighed in at 8 lbs when she was born.

Pepper and the puppies are doing very well also. They have grown considerably already. She has gotten over telling Rascal she is going to eat his face if he comes near them, but she still won't let him nuzzle them. He gets to do that when she goes out to piddle. She doesn't realize he has raised 3 litters of kittens so far and knows how to handle them better than he does.


Robin C said...

any chance we could see some pictures of all these babies?

Olivia-Lee said...

Saidly I cannot seem to keep custody of a digital camera. Our fourth found it's way to school the last week of school nd witnesses say Hannah's "friend" Rebecca picked it up to keep for her. Oddy enough she had possession of the last two identical cameras when they went defunct. Said "friend" does not recall picking up her camera for her, but other's say she now has an eerily similar camera with her at Beach Week...

Eleanor said...

Dear Robin C
Thank you for visiting me at Thatchwick. It is always delightful to have a new visitor and to discover a new blog! how I wish I lived close enought to come and attend the spinning classes. That is something I have alwyas wished to do! But I shall be back via blogland! Eleanor

lindalovestostitch said...

Hi Olivia-Lee,
Sounds like you have been having a fun time lately! I love when there are new babies around whether they are human or not! Congratulations!