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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Trips & jobs

Still looking for work, the job I really wanted I didn't get. Had a phone interview this past Friday and a face to face this past Tuesday. Not really sure I want the Tuesday job.

We travelled to South Caroline for South East Linux Fest (SELF) June 11-13 and had a great time. I got the chance to go and knit with a bunch of lovely ladies from the Spartanburg Knitting Guild. One of ladies was kind enough to come to the hotel and pick me up and take me to the meeting and to a nice little yarn shop outside of town. I also met a couple of other ladies that knit/crochet at SELF. One of the ladies joined us at the Barnes and Noble for the knitting time.

I and my son made 360 sugar cookies to be handed out at SELF and they were a big hit with everyone.

I finished my socks from the yarn that I kool aid dyed in orange and cherry. I used the "Leaves of Whimsy" pattern.

July 19th was knit in public day, my local yarn shop had an event where we sat outside and knitted in the parking lot. She had a nice sale on all her yarns and knitting bags.

July 19th was also the USS Yeager/Rising Star Picnic which was held in Blacksburg at the Caboose Park. We had a great crowd and a good time with good food.

This Saturday I will be travelling with my hubby and father in law to Lynchburg for a home board meeting (The Odd Fellows & Rebekah Home). This will give me some knitting time.

It seems we stay busy during the month of June.

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