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Saturday, December 6, 2008

What NOT to put in a news letter

Over the years, I have tried to teach my children to be kind and giving. I try to also be and hope that what I do and how I help others will reflect in the actions of my children. I think all mothers feel the same way. Recently the number of hungry people in our area came across my desk. Statistics of people in this area needing help and I felt sick. The numbers have grown and have continued to grow. As a family, we have participated in all the local food drives and this year that has not been enough it seems for the growing need in our community.

When I was approached and asked if my store would become a drop-off location for one of the homeless shelter's food collection drive I pondered the idea. Of course this wasn't any problem!

Still I wanted to help make a difference. I knew that in my own pantry were many items bought with every intention of being used however these items had for some unknown reason had not been and were sitting there hiding behind the newer items. Cleaning out these items would help but if we all did that would it really be enough?

So I made one of those executive decisions....Why not send the info out in the news letter and instead of a discount coupon inserted, give a discount of 20% off any item of your choice when you bring in a food donation? And do this year round, not just a certain time of year.

So I put that in the newest news letter with the little bit of new yarns info and a reminder that we have a new and wonderful supply of gifts and stocking stuffer. Much to my surprise, we had someone complain!
Oh well....Cant please everyone.

I still think helping others in any way I can is a good thing to be doing.


Diana said...

People Are Idiots. I have what I call PAI rants on my blog because of the truth of that statement. Only an idiot would object to you trying to help others.

A quote attributed to St. Francis of Assisi: "Let neither praise nor critism trouble your soul. We are what we are in God's eyes, nothing more, nothing less."

Cathy said...


Sherri said...

That is so very cool. Thanks guys!
Happy 2009 to you!

Cate K said...

My boss likes to say: "If you don't annoy someone, you aren't doing a good enough job." I'm a probation officer. Keep up the good work. I'm sure there are far more inspired by your good works than those with a guilty conscious who were not.

Cherri said...

Please continue to encourage kindness and goodness in your newsletter. Don't listen to, or care for the company of negative people.
I will allow your kind action to inspire me, and I will find a way to donate to our local food pantry also.
Thanks Sherri!